Crazy Became Me: A Lupus Story – By Daniella Djan

Crazy Became Me: A Lupus Story - Daniella Djan

This insightful and inspirational book is about someone living, and yet thriving with lupus. Daniella Djan is a Ghanaian South African author, writer, educator and speaker and has been living with lupus for the past 17 years. In Crazy Became Me: A Lupus Story, Daniella takes readers on her riveting journey of overcoming the seemingly overwhelming challenges that come with living with this invisible, incurable disease. The book is about educating, empowering and restoring HOPE to those affected by lupus. While centred primarily on her experiences of living with lupus, this book is about courage in adversity and taking the crazy moments of life with a pinch of salt. 

In a recent survey, the book was rated 8.1 out of 10. Daniella and Crazy Became Me: A Lupus Story has been featured in Arthritis Insight, Tygerburger, Northern News, Netwerk24, Smile90.4, CapeTalk, Health24, GhanaWeb, Daily Guide Network and other media outlets. 


“I loved it! I cried, I laughed, and I cried again.”

Precious Matsoso

Director General of Health (South Africa)

“[Daniella] bears testimony of what is possible when we understand the importance of the lessons we learn through the pain, the smiles, the discomfort and the faith that still prevails in us.”

Sibongile Komati

Founder & Director of the Lupus Foundation of South Africa

“A must-read for anyone with lupus and any friend or relative of a Lupie!

Crazy Became Me is an excellent book and easy to understand. It is written with passion and humour and very informative. Daniella’s personal experiences of overcoming insurmountable odds are all-inspiring and gives hope to anyone that has lupus.”

Una van Rhyn

Founder & Director of Andrea’s Gift Foundation, South Africa.

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